Jon Cassidy Meets Danny Wallace

Me with Danny Taken By, Ed Griffiths

On Thursday I done something that I was very proud but also really scared of.

This is how it all started! I was on Twitter last Wednesday gearing up for my jaunt to a Glasgow book signing one of self proclaimed man Danny Wallace. Now Danny Wallace is a guy I have known about for what seems like all my life, from his days helping find Dave Gorman or Gor'men' shall we say to when he decided to create a I mean collective! He is king of Lovely (a country he tried to create!) and not long after that he started to say yes to everything (Jim Carey was in the subsequent film!). Despite all the manly awkward situations he has been part of he is still saying yes to almost everything. I sent a tweet to Danny asking if I could get an interview in Glasgow on thursday for RNR and he kindly obliged and within less than 24 hours I had an interview with a hero of mine.

On the day I was up extremely early although I was told I didn't need to be. I had to go and get a recorder from college I kicked around Glasgow from 10 am to about 11 and went into the Waterstones (where the book signings were happening!) I bought his latest book which is his first novel Charlotte Street and read the first few chapters (Fantastic read by the way I would give it 5 stars!) I was then told he was ready and I went inside literally shaking in my boots and said in a slightly higher pitched voice than normal "I'm Nervous!" He and Ed Griffiths were amazingly nice throughout and it was so professional. I couldn't help but be impressed that they remembered my name and how to spell it.

The interview went really well check it out below!

Charlotte Street is out now!